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A transformative life-altering journey through the Sefer Shearim B'Tefilah.

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Short 2-3 minutes Enhanced Media "Mini Shiur"

Based on the Sefer Shearim B'Tefilah, come join R' Slansky in the most exhilarating journey of your life! Each clip only 2-3 minutes - try one and you'll be forever grateful!

1 - It's Time To Learn How-To Pray

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2 - Tefillah Opens The Gates

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3 - Focus of Our Generation

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4 - It's Time To Step On The Ladder

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5 - Unworthy Conversations With The Creator

6 - Get Out Of First Gear

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shearim btefilah 6_short.jpg
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7 - When Do You Prepare For Battle?

8 - Prayer Is Air For Our Lungs

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shearim btefilah 8_short.jpg
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9 - Beware Of T-I-M-E

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